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Thanks Malcolm for posting 2010 New Yorker's pieces. I have read all of them in a single day-Was eagerly looking for them. We need more pieces or another book please. you re simply amazing!


Thanks Malcolm for posting 2010 New Yorker's pieces on your web. I read all of them in a single day-was eagerly waiting for them. We need more pieces or a book, please. You re simply amazing!

Maja Palej

Are you back in the US? I have an invitation for you -- please, please write back! Thank you!


This menas that you won't be far from Sweden.. So why don't take an extra trip and go to Uppsala University and do a lecture there.. :)


I admire your work - looking to using the words "Tipping Point" in the title of an upcoming E-book that I am co-writing.
Wanted to let you know. As they say, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Hope I do the words justice.


Larry Chiagouris


Harry Beckwith

Responding to Jim, above, regarding sales and sales training.

After years of studying sales and writing about it (Selling the Invisible has been the most popular), I am certain you are right: A prospect buys the person, not the technique; technique regularly prevents the relationship from developing.

The two key decisions the prospect makes:
I feel very comfortable with you.
You make me feel important.

If your prospect goes "Yes, yes," you are in. Products and services are not the distinguishable, and the small distinctions are not enough to overcome the significant differences between sales people.

It would be interesting to see Malcolm explore this, you're right. He is able to get just the right distance from the question to uncover interesting answers.

Ty Reid

Mr. Gladwell, Could I please have your mailing address so Mr. Stephen A. Mouzon could send you a complimentary Review copy of his new book, 'the Original Green [Unlocking the Mystery of True Sustainability]'? Thank You So Much! TY

Patrick C. Friman

I am the president of the Association of Behavior Analysis International--6000 members--the association was formed by BF Skinner and colleagues in the 70s. I am trying to reach you to issue an invitation to speak at our annual convention next May. All expenses are paid along with a reasonable honorarium (although it may be paltry compared to your usual speaking fees). What is the best way to reach you or your agent? I sent a message to your email address but have not received a response (it is possible my message registered as spam). My email is Patrick.Friman@boystown.org. Could you send me a one or two word response? Actually, if there is no chance, a simple "no" would suffice. I suspect you are too busy for copious social niceties--I would understand that completely.

Patrick C. Friman, Ph.D., ABPP
President, ABAI
Director of Boys Town Center for
Behavior Health
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics,

Carmen Campos

Love all your books and I'm constantly quoting from them! Please post when you think you will be in the New York area again. I would love to hear you speak.
More educators need to be aware of what you have written. Thank you.


You can be a genius, came to the world with a gift talent that many of others would wish to have, have the biggest capacities and born in a modest circumstances, but if you don’t practice probably you won’t see the chance of greatness.
We tend to compare the great personalities with the successful people who put hard effort and passion into what they do. Today, we live in a very respective society where the majority of us judge others as “losers” or failures. Is it possible to be led to a first impression by someone’s physical aspect and qualify them as a loser? Unfortunately yes, today’s society is led on by first impressions. Just by glancing we qualify what the person’s social status must be, we judge them without even knowing them. This is one of the reasons why many talented people haven’t been able to show their best effort, today’s society doesn’t let them be or show the best that they can be.
For example, we have Venezuela’s situation: unfortunately, the majority lives in poverty. To this we add the governors’ lack of “drive” or efficiency because they don’t worry about education, sport or culture. How are we going to discover all those citizens’ talents and abilities? And even if we did find some, how are we going to educate and take full advantage of their talents? We rely on very few resources and very little attention from the authorities to collaborate with the country’s cultural growth, in the search of young talented people, and if in many other countries the economic level influences the development of geniuses, you only have to put yourself in a third world country where the hierarchy of the important things is completely inverted, where corruption is over the top, and where many other factors affect the growth and the opportunities to become successful and to fit into a field of work that possesses great qualities.
One of the tiniest focuses of cultural development well manages is the Venezuelan symphony orchestra, founded by the master teacher Abreu who has taking advantage of the talent and focused in help through music children and youth with limited resource, implementing the music, the constant practice and the perfection at the time of playing. We can say that this work has been a big importance for us, the Venezuelan and now, directed by Gustavo Dudamel considerate a music genius who started from a young age with the violin and progressed through his live with a constant practice and is now who hold the reins of leadership of this orchestra.
That all depend on where and when we were raised:
In the success you are brilliant, you want to learn and in this way through teaching’s to be an expert. The crucial thing is to take advantage of the opportunities we face in life. Even if you have the biggest talent, if you don’t enjoy it and take advantage of the biggest opportunities you will not succeed in live. They are a unusual opportunities that do not know at what time you can get, is a lucky rush and you need to know how to fruition.
Lamentably the succeed is for those people who already have a talent, have a good basic training. Also, if you come from a rich family you have a major advantage. This is why the sociologist say that succeed is a cumulative advantage where the most of the factors where you get on show and guide to your succeed.
Those who succeed is because of his perseverance and practice, that effort put in what they wanted to achieve. Receive that satisfaction of having achieved. Is important to be clear that the succeed don’t come by they own, you have to fight for them
In our case exist the talent but unfortunately for lack of recourses and interest are not captured, there’s a very few cases where the people how gets the opportunities succeed. This is why in our country is much more pronounced the situation presented in the book about the opportunities and environment that allow the individual to achieve succeed.
Claudia ,Andrea y Magally


I see in your Guardian interview that you are speaking in the UK in June - but can't find your dates. Did you finish in May, perhaps?

coach purse

There’s a place in your heart and I know that it is love. This place could be much brighter than tomorrow and if you really try You’ll find there’s no need to cry.


Malcolm, hi.
i'd like to see what you make of The Sunday Times Rich List by Starsign. The top 3 stars being Aries, Taurus and virgo.
im thinking. er, a vital few extra months of schooling before the dire summer hols?

all the best .

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A great poem is a fountain forever overflowing with the waters of wisdom and delight.A novel is a mirror walking along a main road.A picture is a poem without words.Do you understand?


How convenient that you do not accept comments for your piece on dog fighting and football from 2009. I have had the unfortunate luck of stumbling across your blog and I read this piece with with disgust. How dare you compare football players with dogs - the dogs DON'T GET TO CHOOSE what they do! They have no choice. Foot ball players - like all people - have CHOICES! No one HAS to play football. Fighting dogs don't have a choice but to do what they are forced to do. Your logic (or lack thereof) is absolutely insulting. I'm forever turned off to your writing, your books and your opinions. Shame on you, Mr. Gladwell.

VAshishtha Jani

we want you on tour of INIDA.


Can you put more videos on youtube? I see it as a way to connect to your ideas not useing your creativity. I like interviews.

Subhojit Sanyal

When I come across books which teach you, rather tell you that you can generate natural qualities like instinctive decision making power by reading a book, like Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking
By Malcolm Gladwell at www.uread.com, I think these great rip offs. Every ione is trying to latch on to the Dale Carnagie bandwagon. Does not happen!

Judge yourself... you can get the book here: http://www.uread.com/book/blink-malcolm-gladwell/9780141014593

Richard Ogden

Malcom -
I have all your Books - I buy both the Hard Copy - and the Audio. It's your reading of the Books that keeps Me riveted - I use the Print Copies as Refs - Your reading - IS the " Sticky " factor ! Given as a Gift the Audio Book Blink - I have been Hooked ever Since - You make everything interesting - NEVER let anyone record your Books !

Richard !

Alicia Morris

I found the baseball stat in "outliers" odd. I am a college student at Southeast Missouri University and the book was assigned to me. While reading the book on page 26 i discoverd a baseball stat that I found confusing. Keep in mind please that I am a huge STL Cardinals fan and a huge fan of the sport in general. According to the book in 2005 in MLB alone 505 players are born in August while 313 are born in July. That totals up to818 players. At any given time only 750 people play major league baseball. Perhaps I misunderstood but if someone could explain the statistic to me that would be amazing. I tried to contact the author himself, but was unable to find any contact information.

Gail Kaye

Mr. Gladwell,
Thank you so much for writing Blink. I really enjoyed it. Thanks to you, I now have many interesting things to think about and discuss with my friends.
Be well,
Gail Kaye
San Diego, CA

Linda Marion

Mr. Gladwell,
Have all of your books. Have you read Perfect Rigor. I sent the president a copy of your book: Outliers.

Mark Quirk

I look forward to hearing you speak at the upcoming Association of American Medical Colleges Meeting in DC. Your writings about intuition are extremely relevant to medical training. I quote your work often in my book -- Metacognition and Intuition in Medical Education.

ML Langlois

Any chance of coming to Montreal?

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