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I enjoy your blog. Could you add some more posts?

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Very little in breakthrough concepts and technology come from our schools


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Great post.After working for over two decades in acute hospital settings, your talk opened my mind to a radically alternative view of drug companies and more importantly, the people with incredible ideas and unremitting drive that work within them. Previously, I had little or to be more honest, no real sense of the personal risks that these exceptional people take, driven by their passionate need to drive clinical knowledge forward in order to make a difference.Monogram Vernis

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The two hour drive from Wales to get to your Manchester venue, and then back again yesterday evening, was time very well spent given the return.


Come visit Japan sometime,please!

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Good luck on your tour. I really love having tours or visit so that we can have a better understanding about the mysteries we have or facing. There is always something to learn about life as we go through it. Thanks a lot for the effort of sharing it with us. Keep up the good job.

Patricia Arteaga

I am part of Bloomfield College Orientation Committee. We just chose to use "Outliers" as our freshmen orientation required book. Our College is small, and so are our budgets. But I'll be bold and try: Would you consider crossing the Hudson to meet our students for a talk any time during the Fall '11 semester? :)
Patricia Arteaga
Bloomfield College

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Mr. Gladwell,

Saw your interview of Wendy Kopp. You were correct when you said you had prepared softball questions. You allowed Ms. Kopp to answer solely with anecdotal evidence. I was a Orleans Parish Teaching Fellow, an outgrowth of TFA, before the hurricane and, as she said, it was terrible. However, there is not evidence that it has improved substantially now. The charter schools fell over themselves to avoid the most challenging of students and many of them, in fact, never returned to New Orleans. There have been improvements, but most of this is due to the selection of students by the schools.

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Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. Do you agree?

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You people are very lucky to experience tours... I haven't. Been bored to the country I'm living in. But anyway, nice share. :)


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I would like to see Mr. Gladwell delve into the topic of jealousy; I believe it is a strong emotion that rules a good part of the world, and that

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Alexandra Rogers

Hi. I loved The Tipping Point when I read it a couple of years ago. I'm looking into topics to write my Masters thesis in communications on, and I'd love to look into some of the specifics of the tipping point phenomenon. Is any of the book based off of scholarly papers or journal articles that would give me a place to start? I'd greatly appreciate any advice you have. Thank you!

Maurizio de Franciscis

Malcolm, if I can interest you in a speaking engagement in Sao Paulo I will be happy to arrange and it would be a triumph, helping many to know about your thoughts and analyses.



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i am not in America and it is difficult to register in New Yorker. But I am really in need of reading two articles by malcolm gladwell. can anyone help me in anyhow?


come to australia. there are lots of things here you would like and i promise i will come see you.


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Congrats! Any chance for a Malcolm Gladwell review of the UVa Lacrosse murder, either on the blog or in the New Yorker?

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