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It makes it even worse that he took this project from another person and proceeded to slop his crappy writing skills all over it.


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their dinners. There were nights when we seemed to run out of half the menu.

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their dinners. There were nights when we seemed to run out of half the menu.

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it for a second either. She didn’t go there to tell them she wasn’t going to be able to work the next night. Not parking in the back lot and packing

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Isn't he cute? The head is made with the 1 3/4" circle punch in black and the wide oval punch in white. The beak is the small oval punch. For the body, I used the tag punch in black and the large oval in black for the wing. It's that easy! The greeting is simply layers of the 1" circle, 1 1/4" circle, 1 38" circle, and scallop circle punches.

Notice the cool texture on the Rich Razzleberry background? That is done with my Big Shot Die-Cut Machine andsadf the new Square Lattice Embossing folder in the Summer mini catalog.

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i agree with you that the person in charge of purchasing has a lot to do with what a child chooses to eat, but disagree with your assessment of moms and their relationships with ketchup.

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It sounds comforting to learn that a new czar has been appointed for climate change relations. sounds funny but this is a serious matter,


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