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@Dean Hewson, Are you saying there's no objective way to measure intelligence? (ignoring whether or not an IQ test is the best way to check it)

--Trindaz on Fedang #IQ


But what is the 6th argument? Studies show that you need at least six arguments to clearly refute an opposing viewpoint.


I cant agree more with you!

Vic Shea

Maybe I am behind the times but I just read "Blink" and am reading "The Tipping Point." You are amazing. I am writing to say that I always knew that Peter Jennings was biased. I don't know how I knew. It was so gratifying to read that there was a study that actually proved it. Again, you are amazing. Thank you for so much enjoyable reading. Vic


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Does IQ capacity changes due to mixing of genes? IQ capacity depends on how mother nurture her child on the first place of conception. That's what I believe. Eating unhealthy foods. Practicing bad habits on the stage where the brain of a baby is developing. I'm pretty sure that its IQ is mere affected.

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I wonder what people who believe IQ is strongly hereditary thinks about this piece in the New York Times: All brains are the same color.

Basically the argument is that most adoption studies are flawed, because adopted family is not random. It is usually the best families suited for raising children. Correlation between genes and IQ is considerably higher in the middle class than in the lower class.

That suggests that among the poor they are not reaching their full potential.


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