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Patrick Luczak

You certainly know how to elicit participation in your debate de jour.

The points and counter-points are evidentiary of the complexity of the human condition. We make probability difficult (if not improbable). Yet, the debate goes on! Congrats ...

I thoroughly enjoyed your book The Tipping Point. My wife introduced me to your work. Thank you for "keeping it real."

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I wonder? Are the policies supportive of mixed-economy capitalism--the ones we already have, which policy makers might finally reject--so inimical to relationships, social bonds and cultures of achievement? I mean, as compared to the alternatives, whatever those might be.

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The first deals with what he calls obsessives and minor geniuses; the second with flawed ways of thinking. The third focuses on how we make predictions about people: will they make a good employee, are they capable of great works of art, or are they the local serial killer? Brought together, the pieces form a dazzling record of Gladwell's art.


Very interesting conclusions on both sides. But ignorance should not be mistaken for knowledge. I also have noticed a trend where quarterbacks who were drafted later ended up playing more than those who were taken early in the draft. It's hard to know why that happens, but interesting none the less.


As I've said on Steve's blog, the word misspelling can refer to two very different phenomena: typos and ignorance of subject matter. If you spelled "Des Moines" as "Des Miones", you've made a typo.

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Sriram Iyer

Why are you knocking on Google? :)

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I hope someone can tell me how "progressive" this video is

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The last time I saw someone from Fiat, it was together with their lawyers in the Dutch court because I sued them.


The greeting card is a good idea too. Something you can do yourself.


The greeting card is a good idea too. Something you can do yourself.


Holy shinizt, this is so cool thank you.


Mr. Gladwell what do you see as the trends for the generation born in 1995? In particuliar, what do you think these young people will likely be facing, aside fr


The greeting card is a good idea too.


The greeting card is a good idea too.

Jeff Strachan

I just finished "What the Dog Saw" and I found it quite thought provoking and though it is obvious that some might balk at accepting Mr.Gladwell's conclusions in the various pieces, I found his arguements at least well reasoned and straightforward.
One remark particularily caught my attention. This was at the end of the book in which Gladwell states that journalists should get a background in accounting as well as journalism.
I would have preferred that he simply stated that they should get a background in any other specific subject. I believe that Carleton University requires that journalism students take courses in the sciences.
I agree wholeheartedly. In 2001 an aircraft crashed in Queens N.Y. I saw TV coverage of a "technical briefing" given by the NTSB in which the 'g' forces on the aircraft were described in detail. The NTSB spokesperson had no fewer than 5 requests from journalists in the audience for a definition of 'g' force, of acelleration, and other physics terminology. I could not help but wonder why a journalist with no technical understanding of physics would be sent to cover a technical briefing in which physics concepts would be required to understand the briefing.

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