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(sorry about late reply, I've been gone) The music originally wasn't what you see it as; hevewor the original music was removed due to copyright, and I immediately AudioSwapped the audio. The track Arnhem Land' was simply near the top of the list, so I just picked that (I hadn't even listened to it). The fact that it contains the same music as Bonbloc's was an utter coincidence that I should have avoided, but rest assured that I didn't intentionally make it that way.


Thanks, and good luck with 99 Farming!On a different note, I've had a colupe comments comparing this with Bonbloc's guide; although I appreciate your compliment, I'd like to clarify that I do not make these videos intending to compete with Bonbloc. Thanks again.


I meant you could check your world of war craft account info and go on there wetbsie World of War craft currently does not work because you would have to install the game on your device.


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GREATEST QB OF ALL TIME .NOT MANNING NOT BRADY ..This guy delivered when it mtaetr & never chocked a way a SB victory .Happy Birthday Joe Cool


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I find it ironic that one of the people backing Gladwell on his QB correlation debacle appealed to a book by a pop science author that was recalled.

"I recently read a book that backs up Malcolm's point on QB's performance and the draft. The book is entitled "How We Decide" by Jonah Lehrer. Here's an excerpt from the book,

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