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This is a hilarious thread. The closest thing I can compare this too is reading "Waiting for Godot." Typo, not a typo, who cares? It's quite obvious that some of your are extrapolating far more information from this one error then is rationally possible. If you don't like his writing and think he's a bullshit artist, why on Earth are you here acting like you're intelligent? You sound like my grade 10 students who try and use elevated language to hide the fact that they are completely lacking in content. This is one of the worst sentences I have ever read,

"The fact of the matter is that Gladwell's writing is science for those who don't know anything about science; I know nobody who is informed enough to evaluate the veracity of Gladwell's various claims who is of the opinion that it makes for anything more than ill-informed dinner-party chatter."

How can anyone take an argument seriously when somebody utters the line "I don't know nobody..." If you can't master basic language how can you understand eigenvalue?


PS - I hope my typos are driving you nuts.

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Just be comfortable with what you are and let it go.


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