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Bill Weightman

Your analogy with teaching does not consider that some teachers get the bottom group of students each year, and does not include such aggregates as Administrator favorites.

In Football, there is little or no analysis of the team members around a quarterback. If a George Plimpton had a line that could give him an added 15 minutes (as silly as that notion is); he probably would have been rated hightly as a quarterback.

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i like this part of the blog:"All of this is a long way of saying that instead of resisting the implausibility of the pairing of NFL quarterbacks and teachers, it is actually more interesting to embrace it. And what happens when you do that? You discover that the psychological situation facing the gatekeeper in both cases is identical: that confronted with a prediction deficit, the human impulse is to tighten standards, when it fact it should be to loosen standards" is very good

Melissa Wahnon and Bernardo Nolck

Malcolm Gladwell's theory is based on the explanation of the key factors influencing the success of outstanding people. The book gives examples of different personalities that have been successful.
Part of his theory is the dates of birth in the environment in which they conduct their lives and the opportunities that were given in their favor.
Although Gladwell supports his thesis through a series of characters that have been successful we do not agree that the factors which the author points to determine the success or failure of an individual.
It is clear that there are certain factors involved in obtaining success. However, we believe that there is no specific formula for it. An example would be the ten thousand hours of practice or the date of birth.
Beginning at a point where all people are unique and unrepeatable, which in turn makes them different in their capabilities and limitations, or whether by personality, education level, economic status or just perseverance to achieve a goal. This theory falls under its own weight as it is impossible to define the skills of someone through a generic formula.
The author's theory might be valid if all the examples mentioned in the book were based on the same characteristics. That is, if both the hockey team as the example of the tomato sauces would have been governed by the same parameter.
It is important to define what success is, the successful achievement of one or more specific goals is to achieve a goal regardless of their greatness. For example, a teacher was able to transmit knowledge to their students and they grasp and understand, that would be considered successful for the teacher.
For us, success is relative. Everyone wants to achieve certain goals and reward does not necessarily has to be monetary.In conclusion, our formula for reaching success is believing in yourself and what you do with perseverance, dedication and effort.

Tracy Cole

I just want to say that I thought Outliers would be a boring book. I am reading this for a Sociology class that I'm in. I must say that I'm of Jamaican Culture myself...and for some strange reason after reading Chapers 1-4, I knew you were from the same Culture. I'm now at Chapter 5...I like it thus far...I will respond at the end, to give my full thoughts on Outliers.

Diego Caldera, Marian Campos,Erika Gonzalez

Success: ability, opportunity and courage

World's population is about 6,830,586,985. Being surrounded by so many people, it’s hard to be seen as an individual, that's why there's a tag that distinguish you from everyone else, a mix between luck, intelligence, perspicacity and why not?, being in the right place and time; success.
Success is subjective, it depends on the goal that each one puts on himself along the way, and how satisfied they feel with the results of their efforts, even if someone’s feels that has achieved everything he wants in life, that doesn't make it successful to the rest of the world. Being successful sometimes means to put everyone else in a debate with themselves Have I tried enough? Can I give more?

Success with capital S is made when you can balance professional and personal success and in some way they depend on each other, because the human being is potentially many things

Success is that old trio: ability, opportunity and courage. Charles Luckman was right when he affirmed this, success, to be outstanding or being someone extraordinary, the majority of time is about knowing how to make good use of opportunities, to give it all until you see the results, but opportunities could be just an illusion if you don't have the ability to withstand it.

It could be that opportunities aren't the same for everybody, but everyone has them, the matter is to recognize them in time, whatever the time is, it doesn't matter if you don't have that much luck as many people from the book Outliers. Being clever of what do you want to be in life it’s fundamental as well as to have short, mid and long-terms goals.

The important thing is to have the suitcase ready when the opportunity knocks the door.

We must avoid falling into frustration after failure, because failure is necessary for learning and move on. If you feel that has not got where you wanted, there are two options, see what is not working and understand that nothing is coincidence, and everyone has different processes and different times, and in another way, while all this happens, you can help others to reach success.

Confidence and perseverance are the key factor to obtain people goals, it’s necessary believe in ourselves even anyone does, the secret it’s to be stand out in everything because you don’t know when then luck could finds you change your whole life.


I just heard the audio book outlier and come up with some conclusions. I was born at the wrong time period, wrong social class, wrong social settings. It seems to me according to your book I was doomed for failure,which by today's standards I am. All in all a VERY depressing book.


Mr. Gladwell,
I'm reading your book for school and I don't get that why cant someone just be gifted why does he or she have to give 10,000 hours? Maybe it's just a coincidence? But I'm not disagreeing with you just wondering.

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Your blog picture, I like it very much, so have a pure heart, the children stood in the bustling fidgety city.


hi Michael

you are saying that most tall men are made the ceo. I would be glad if you could provide an insight, should top management be young and below 45 years old. Any study or evaluation on this. What is the best age to be on top? Is it true that those over 45 years are not dynamic and slow to change or carry on with old mind set? do successful companies run by an average group of old or young or a mixed group.


I read your book what the dog saw and found it thoroughly enjoyable, but wanted to share some divergent views on the Pit Bull article. In my opinion, in spite of all you have stated, what makes pit bull ban a sensible one is the fact that when a pit bull does turn roguish, the threat it poses to humans is many times higher than say when a german shephard turns. To me this question is similar to the "right to carry firearms" conflict US is grappling with. Agreed, 99% of the people who own (or want to own) a gun are law abiding people who want to protect themselves from the baddies, but what happens when a gun owner belonging to the other 1% really goes mad? There is mass murder and mayhem and misery and loss beyond rationalization. Of course, we can (in theory at least)recognize the type of guys in whose hands a gun will become a destroyer rather than protector and keep guns out of their hands. But may be it is much smarter (and of course simpler) to ban guns.

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I believe many grasses are stronger sequesterers of carbon than trees anyway. All the more reason to stop chopping down forests in the first place I guess.

i think we also need to take into account that the new farmer needs to heat his house somehow, and if he's not burning wood, he is likely using fossil fuels of some sort to do the heating... so i would say burn the wood.

Len Haglund

Wood's EMPIRE OF LIBERTY conficts with OUTLIERS statement about rice being unsuited to being grown by slaves. Wood states rice was the main crop in South Carolina before the advent of the cotton engine (gin)

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I fully support luring, seducing, bamboozling, and distracting with humor, heart, sexiness, and general good storytelling in order to sneak in your politics. Because if it's not fun, who cares, other than the people who already cared and won't be changed by your play either way?

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reading stuff about 2008 make me nostalgic XD!


hello malcolm,
I hope this note reaches you.

I am almost done with your book, The Tipping Point, very interesting to say the least. I enjoy your perspective on epidemics and the like. I appreciate your insight into how these: Hush puppies, Paul Rever's ride, Sesame street, Blues clues, and the crime in New York tipped. I ponder on the dynamics behind something taking off and not- its all about timing and education as i see it- so its a little complicated i guess. I really liked your perspective on how the crime in the subways was repaired due to little things like the graffiti.

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I understand you probably get people trying to sell you stuff all the time, but before you throw this away I highly suggest you take a good look at it. Lennon Ledbetter is a marketer for Amway, today he gets a check for 2.5 million dollars each and every month for all of his hard work. For 10 years he sat on a park bench at a local convenience store and talked to everyone that walked by. Currently he has 600,000 people in his dwon line. Thats impressive.

You talk about how things tip and about the little things that help them explode, are you the connector, the maven or the sales person that will help this thing explode? Are you Paul Rever?

A little about me. I live in Montana with my bride and we have a small very successful vinyl fence business. What is success? We have been owned and operated since 2003 and every year we have gross sales in excess of $1 million. Currently we dominate our market and believe we own about 60% of it. We advertise on tv and I honestly believe we have educated the general public which actually increased the potential purchasers. Our numbers are exceptional in my opinion, but not perfect. I am a numbers guy a stratigest, and big picture thinker. i have broken this MLM thing down analysed the business model and researched the products. I have a plan but need some help. Can you help?

I wrote an infomertial. I would like to send it to you so you can get a perspective on what i am talking about. i would like to send it to you

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Dear Mr. Gladwell,

I have a thought that is meant to invoke your higher-level-than-mine brain power.

It concerns finding a cure for cancer, something that I-- as a trained economist-- know nothing about.

My simple thought is this: What if the problem is a lack of information. In other words, if we had closer to perfect information on people's activities, maybe we could single out a common characteristic in cancer victims. If we could find that commonality, we could possibly eliminate it.

Of course, this completely naive thought could be useless. I will leave it to you, and others who read this blog, to let me know!

Think big, do bigger...


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The good news is that God is faithful and gracious, despite our persistent efforts to push him away. I would say your anxiety is a good sign. Seek the Lord while he can be found, and trust in his goodness and mercy, not in your own righteousness.

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Captain Obvious strikes again.

Brett Anderson

Great piece about NFL quarterbacks. I think the key is having a coaching staff that is invested in teaching the qb every aspect of the game. Many teams it seems draft a guy and then just throw him into the starting lineup hoping that he'll develop and save their team. The real good coaches work with the qb through the good and the bad so that they are always learning.

I live in Micigan and run a website that offers cheap brochures and we Michiganders have found that there's no better example than the Detroit Lions. Year after year we hope our qbs can somehow magically save our team from all the horrible play and coaching that is a given each year. The really good coaches like Bill Bellicheck are always talking to their players and teaching them at every corner. Watch the Lions sideline and you rarely see any teaching or learning going on. That's why it's the same story every year - the names of the coaches and players are the only things that ever change in Detroit.

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I was in the right place.
It is essential for student teachers to be able to see themselves and other teachers on tape.


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I have enjoyed all of your books. Have not read What the Dog Saw. How would I get permission to use a quote from Blink?


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