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Edo River

Rather interesting. How can you gage the ripple effect on something, if you are a fairly recognized writer of fictional truths? If you suddenly wake up and go hay-wire, temporarily spouting whatever pops into your brain, is there someone nearby with a digital recorder for this event? And who believes it wasn't monkeyed with by Audioshop 2.0? As the man says, salt liberally applied to almost anything we read, and even then it doesn't stop up from creating an intended effect with our imaginations. No, I don't think this issue will matter much in the post-Internet age to come soon to generation behind us. Regards from Japan. See you soon.

Steve Feldman


Did you happen to see the news about Alexei Cherepanov? There's an article about it here (http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=3642466). You discussed him a while back during one of your presentations with the New Yorker.




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Glad to have read your book "Outliers". Truly, it is an eye-opener for someone who's in constant search for excellence.

I have one suggestion for your future edition of "Outliers".

Please include that : opportunities or what we normally refer to as " BREAKS" for success in ones life or career do happen but that we need to be vigilant enough to recognize when it comes about. It is not easily recognizable unless you have put to use your third-eye or your 6th sense.

Reading your book outliers tremendously help someone develop those "extra" senses.

As for me, rReading your "Outliers" just made me realized that I had those breaks early in my career but I didnt know when it came about.

Looking back, I was born in the same year as Bill Gates and other king pins in the computer revolution. Had I read your book "Outliers" in the early 70's, I would have long retired as a wealthy technocrat just like some of Mr. Gates contemporaries.

I started to make a tab of those breaks that came to me unnoticed, and lo and behold, a lot of them came to pass.

I can provide you details of my early travails into the computer world in the late 70's using TRS-80 computers.


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Great post!wayde-a-go!im so happy that many of the memories remain still.im coming to paris next month for a few days and than im off to the french alpes! all the best!

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But that doesn’t mean I have to flounder in an endless sea of anonymous faces for the next three months. It doesn’t mean that the local politics are completely beyond me or that I’m nothing but an observer.

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