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It's call cheater if you use drug in sport.


"Normal" is not a good definition. Lasik will do something abnormal for that person - some are "naturally" near or farsighted.

But the point is accurate - the rules are arbitrary.

But they ARE RULES.

Consider if the tests were reversed - steroids were legal but lasik was not. If an athlete used lasik he would be cheating.

The rules covering the athlete's body internally are no different than those controlling what he can do externally. He does or does not have to stay within the lines. If he goes beyond, points won't count, the game might stop.

But why is the limit 10 yards? Why is the time so many minutes? Aren't all those things arbitrary?

Look carefully - the discussion of this is often ways of cheating without getting caught (e.g. saving extra red blood cells for high-altitude events). But then what is the point of the contest? Why not simply bribe the referees? Why would that be wrong? Steroids have the same air of "the highest bidder". The judge's gavel simply becomes one of the auctioneer.

Any game is a set of arbitrary rules. No rules, there is no game. Or at least not any worth bothering about.

And we all have a sense of justice, though often it can be distorted. We wish to have justice - and the truth. Or do we? Do we just want to win even if it means bending the rules to the breaking point?

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Datura intoxication typically produces a complete inability to differentiate reality from fantasy; hyperthermia; tachycardia; bizarre, and possibly violent behavior; and severe mydriasis with resultant painful photophobia that can last several days.


Isn't the distinction between eye surgery and steroid use a simple 'common acceptance' one? Baseball players use their eyes for things other than baseball. Everyone has the right to improve their vision. Filling yourself full of steroids only really helps you hit the ball longer of throw the ball faster. It doesn't help you drive a car, do your taxes, or watch your kids. http://www.mediafiretorrent.com


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"well most of the people here have expressed opinions on the type of restorative drugs ..etc etc.Whether to alleviate pain or lasik surgery or simple tissue enhancers.
There's yet another dimension to this whole allowable vs not allowable performance enhancers.
The article linked below specifies how a runner with a prosthetic limb was disqualified as it gave him an "unfair" advantage."

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