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thanks ..

 Dolly Brown

Read your book on reccomendation of my grandson who is in college. He just spent a semester in Austria with enginering program.,where your book was widely discussed. This I wonder---on Page 152 of the Outliers where the grandsons of immigrants became doctors and lawyers--what was the next generation,hum

Jed August - Moorpark, CA


Great Audio Book!...(my 13-Year Old son and I have listened to it twice in the past 2-weeks since I Purchased it - I travel, alot)...I refer to it "Daily"...I heard of it via "Word-of-Mouth"...Interesting, that I, too, share in YOUR Tipping Point Experience!

I thought I would share a Customer Service E-Mail to Jawbone the Bluetooth Headset Company, sent 03/24/2009...after I completed my feedback to them, I thought to Cc you...

Support Team,

Please be advised that I was at a Verizon Retail Store in Moorpark, CA last evening and while holding your Broken Original Jawbone and New Jawbone (Earloops, Again & Again & Again) I was standing in front of the Bluetooth Headset Retail Display when another early 20's Female and her Mother approached looking at Bluetooth Wireless Headsets. The young lady reached for the New Jawbone Package and I, immediately, showed her the broken Jawbone Products and shared my frustration and my dissatisfaction with the Poor Performance and Continually-Breaking Earloops and lack of Jawbone Support to obtain replacement Earloops.

I purchased the Plantronics, Inc. PBTA925Z Bluetooth Earpiece, $99.99. She and her Mother, also, "Walked" from your Jawbone Product and selected another product.

Others, continually, request my recommendation for the Jawbone and New Jawbone Product.

I speak OVER 7,000 minutes a month on the Phone and live with "Wires" and "Headsets". I, continually, "Steer" Prospective Customers AWAY from Jawbone Products, in fact, I just recently Provided a Motorola Bluetooth Headset for my Wife.

Please know that just as your Marketing Team is striving to "Expand" your Market-Base I, and, MANY others in Los Angeles, CA that I associate with (I have over 7,000 Contacts in my Database and growing, daily...I speak, daily, in Seminars, Webinars, Conference Calls, Large Investor Groups, etc.) are "Expanding" our "Voice of Dissatisfaction" with your Product and Lack of Parts Support. Are you familiar with a book from Malcom Gladwell called "The Tipping Point"? If not, I HIGHLY suggest your Management and Marketing Team obtain and read it. The "Fate" of your Product Line is, clearly, defined when such dissatisfaction such as mine, hits "The Tipping Point"...

Many thousands of Prospective Jawbone Customers are influenced by a "subtle" expression of dissatisfaction with the Jawbone Product during "Live" Conferences and Webinars...

Are you "Up to the Challenge"?


Jed August


I am about to finish Blink and will start listening to Outliers soon. Have you ever studied the effect on how words are spoken and the facial expressions of the public speaker. Maybe we all know it now as the Obama phenon today since it is so completely different than W. But there has to be more to the science of tieing in facial expressions with voice intonation and the fluidity of expressing engaging concepts. Something I have wondered about for a long time having been successful in speaking publicly at different times in my life.
(I know this is not a comment on the above post but I did not easily find a way to contact you.)

Edwaed M. Ricci, Esq.

I too was born on September 3rd, only 18 years before you (1945.)I have read and enjoyed Tipping Pont, Blink and Outliers but was most moved by Outliers.
I have had a very successful career as a consumer trial attorney. My "good fortune" was a high school debate coach in Brooklyn, NY who worked us 2 to 3 hours a day every day after 7 class periods of math, science latin, French, English, history and theology for 4 years. We competed in 375 rounds of debate and won all but 6 of them. I published a memoir in December of 2006 entitled "No Man Stands Alone." It is a confirmation of your thesis in 'Outliers." I'd be honored to send you a complimentary copy.

Mark Hammar

I am curious if you have studied children that grew up after suffering a loss of a mother or father at a young age? I was widowed and left with two young girls and both girls seem to be outliers in their ability to adapt to the bullying they are exposed to as they grow up.

James King

In your comments about the author Gary Klein, the decision making guy, you misspelled "Marine Corps," by leaving the "s" off at the end of "Corps," thus describing the finest fighting force in the history of man with an improper abbreviation for "Corporation."

Semper Fi...

Tedra Gwartney

Mr. Gladwell, I would just like to tell you that reading Outliers has literally changed my life. I have a very nice IQ and have been suffering from self hate because I have not acheived alot with my life. But after reading you book it has helped me put my life in a perspective I have never viewed it from before. I will always appreciate you. Sincerely, Tedra Gwartney

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