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When's an update coming along?

Rick Yorgey

Where did you go? Any more blog postings coming? I love reading your stuff!


what kind of stuff you like to read?

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I think you are related to Colin Powell

Paul Blake

"All of which, of course, points out the irony of what’s happening in the newspaper business right now. We are dismantling the institution of newspaper journalism precisely at the moment when it seems to be of greatest social value."

Just to stretch the irony a little further...the dismantling of newspaper jounalism is being done by these financial institutions that it seems could benefit from more investigative journalism. Unfortunately professionalism and a duty to the community get in the way of the bottom line.

China Law Blog

Worry not. With only a few exceptions, newspaper journalism is pretty much worthless. The Wall Street Journal is definitely one of the exceptions and in large part because of this it is in no danger.


I didn't read all the comments, so this might have been mentioned, but I think the question of motivation is a fascinating one and I wonder if interests are all that different at the end of the day. Are people really motivated by money or is it actually status that drives behaviour? The journalists are clearly motivated by status and one could probably argue that the Enron actors were motivated by status as measured by money.

On the flip side you could argue that the journalists were used by short sellers so money was a factor here as well.

Preetham Venky

Long, since we connected. But it seems to me like you are busy with you next work of genius. All the very best for the same. Btw, nice blog, would be better if you could get some-one to keep it updated for you. What say!

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