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Responding to Pete's post about a two-tier system. This will not work.

I think the perfect example of this is "natural" bodybuilding, which became popular in the early 1990's. At first, the bodybuilders really were(and looked) natural. But within a few years, natural bodybuilding was filled with drug-users. Steroids, GH, Insulin, IGF-1 etc. etc.

It says a lot about human nature. The typical person wants to win and be victorious...and most important, wants the recognition....regardless of the tier.


Numbers are not always correct. You can se how Bonds physical appearance change throughout the years, but what can you tell me about Shaq and Jordan when he left the game and came back. His weight was quite different. You can see how Sammy Sosa body change when they started the drug rule at MLB , so do you see a difference in Barrys body from last year. Remember balls change, power is not the same and pitcher speed is above 90 mph. Nowadays everyone now can hit a home run. If his numbers went up it’s because he has something special, timing to hit the ball.

Jon Swift

We need more steroids in baseball, not less:

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