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First off, comparing a Pit Bull to owning a gun is legitimate. Both can kill, both can be helpful in life, much like a car. So in the wrong hands, guns kill, dogs kill (not only Pit Bulls) and cars kill. The woman in France whose face was torn off was done by a Labrador (which I read above). Punish the deed, not the breed. I have a Rottweiler AND a Pit Bull. These two dogs are the most loving pets I have ever been around. It is a shame that Pit Bulls do fall into the wrong hands a lot of the time and get a bad rap. Please remember though that these dogs are PEOPLE FRIENDLY dogs. When they were bred, if they bit a human, they were killed. Sad but true, they were bred to fight. So when dog handlers would be breaking up the fights, they could not have dogs that would bite humans. So if they did bite, they would put them down immediately.

Charles Kerouac

Whatever their breeding history is, I have owned several loyal Pitt Bulls in my life time. I cared for them, played with them, and loved them as I would have any other animal. All of them were good with my children and behaived themselves around strangers.

To hear someone suggest that these animals serve no other purpose than to fight each other or to attack humans is absurd. My largest was a 120 pound male by the name of Piason who played frisbee with several neighboorhood children and never harmed a soul. None of these dogs in my care ever attacked another animal or a person. At best, they growled at a mail carrier they weren't familiar with, just as any protective pet would.

Any dog can be over agressive. This comes from the training and the treatment of the dog's owners. To think otherwise is just plain dumb.


I own 4 pit bulls and am in a working group that wants to ban these dogs. People that don't know these dogs have no clue what loving dogs they are. It is a shame that so many communities want to ban them without knowing much about them, only what bad things the papers print. It is the owners that make these dogs, or for the fact any dog mean. There just needs to be harsh punishmehnt for the people that train their animals to be mean, or are cruel to them. I really don't care what our small town will do cause I will own what ever dog I want, and I am sure it would be a pit bull in a heartbeat. My puppy and myself just completed dog obidence class and won all the top honors out of all the dogs for being the most obident dog and best behaved dog. I think that says alot. I am a firm believer that good training and lots of love is what every animal needs and deserves. Most communities haven't had any problems with these dogs but just want to ban them because everyone else is. How unfair this is to this wonderful breed. I have owned a sheltie and a german shepard in the past and I can tell you that my little sheltie would have bit anyone that she didn't trust. Of course that was because the gas meter man would try to hit her with a metal rod so she became defensive, just like any dog would do put in that situation. So everyone get educated on these wonderful dogs.

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